We would love to be able to list our entire collection of over 300 bars here for you but the sheer volume of it and the ever-changing nature of our stock would make the experience frustrating for all. For those who want to shop on-line we offer two options:

  1. If you know what you would like (e.g. a particular chocolate maker or cacao origin) we will be happy to help you create your own collection from our stock. Just e-mail us with your request and we will contact you separately to arrange payment and shipping. 
  2. If you would rather leave it up to us we offer several themed Collections, selected from our current favourite bars. See details of each collection below.

(Note: if we are out of stock we will replace the bar with one of similar origin or same maker)

Our shipping criteria

  • Shipping costs will be calculated at check-out once you have entered your address. We use Canada Post.
  • Our Collection Sets price include taxes.

We ensure that bars leave our store in pristine condition and are packed securely but we cannot be responsible for mishandling during transport or the vagaries of weather. Be aware that you are ordering a temperature sensitive product.


 Dark Collection

Dark Collection

The pure stuff: single origin cacao sourced from the world's finest trees and transformed into bars of incredible richness and complexity. Most bars in this set will range from 68-80% cocoa mass and will never contain dairy or any flavouring agents.

 The Dark Collection

4 Dark Chocolate Bars

$52.00 CAD + Shipping

Summer Dark Collection features:


Askinosie: Ecuador (San Jose del Tambo) 70%

Castronovo: Amazonas 72%

Harper Macaw: Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil (Vale do Juliana) 74%

Palette de Bine: Tanzania (Kokoa Kamili) 72%


 Milk Collection

Milk Collection

Modern milk chocolate is not kid's stuff - it is just the same single origin dark bars we sell with a bit of powdered milk added. Creamy, lush, decadent and full of the pure taste of real chocolate. Expect to see between 40% and 65% cocoa mass and very little in the way of added flavour. Perhaps some goat's milk. Or sheep's milk. Or caramel. Maybe some sea salt.

The Serious Milk Collection

4 Milk Chocolate Bars

$55.00 CAD + Shipping

Winter 2018 Serious Milk Collection features:


Bonnat: Indonesia (Surabaya) 65%

French Broad: Malted Milk (Peru & Guatemala blend) 44% SOLD OUT

Harper Macaw: Rainforest Blend (Brazil) 57%

Omnom: Tanzania Dark Milk (Kokoa Kamili) 65%


 High End Collection

High End Collection

For those who want to delve into the deep end we present The High End Dark Collection. The bars in this set will range from 80%-100% cocoa mass and will never contain dairy or any flavouring agents. This is the pure stuff: single origin cacao sourced from the world's finest trees and transformed into bars of incredible richness and complexity. Very little to no sugar added. Dive in!

The HIGH END Collection

4 Dark Chocolate Bars 80 -100%

$46.00 CAD + Shipping

Winter High End Collection:


SOLD OUT Akesson's: 100% Brazil with Nibs (Fazenda Sempre Firme)

The Grenada Chocolate Company: 82% Grenada

Madecasse: 92% Madagascar

Original Beans: 100% Peru (Cusco Chuncho)


 Collector's Edition

Collector's Edition

For those of you searching for something a bit more unique we present The Collector's Edition. We curated this special edition set from bars that are sought-after in the chocolate world. This collection is aimed at a more intermediate tasting palate.

The Collector's EDITION

4 Chocolate Bars

$65.00 CAD + Shipping

Collector's Edition:



check back in the fall

 Eclectic Collection

Eclectic Collection

For those ready for anything we offer four of the most compelling chocolate creations in the world. Expect a mix of dark, milk and white, with a wide spectrum of added flavour and texture notes. But as always, single origin sourced beans and fantastic tasting bars. Have fun!

The ECLECTIC Collection

4 Chocolate Bars with Inclusions

$54.00 CAD + Shipping

Spring Eclectic Collection:


LetterPress: Mint 70%

Raaka: Bananas Foster 68%

Patric: Habanero Sea Salt 67%

Rozsavolgyi Csokolade: Masala Blend 73%



 Custom collection

Custom collection


Custom Chocolate Bars

$ Custom + Shipping

Custom orders will be priced at the regular Chocolate Project Store rate, plus shipping. 

*If you live in the U.S. and want to order The Chocolate Project bars, please contact us below and we'll help you out!