Newsletter | February 2016

We are back from our extended holiday and set up again in the Hudson Public Market. Plenty of news to report but perhaps the biggest concerns the Chocolate Project itself. We tried to push the boundaries last year in terms of product selection, classes, tastings and representing more bean-to-bar chocolatiers than ever before. Our goal was to see if Victoria was truly ready for a full-time artisanal chocolate retail experience. We are happy to report that 2015 was a huge success (thanks to you) and we have very big plans for 2016.

More chocolate bars than ever

Prepare to be amazed - see below for what to expect over the next few weeks.

More hours to find us

As of Wednesday March 2nd we will be at the Hudson five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday from 11 to 5.

The Chocolate Project On-Line

Our website will be up in early March and features online shopping as well as links to chocolate sites we love, chocolate making videos, up to date supply news and lots of geeky ranting from yours truly. This will be the last newsletter you will receive in this format. Our e-mailing list will be retired and all future news will be posted on our site.


What's New this Week?

French Broad
Seven new bars from Dan and Jael in totally revamped packaging. While they look stunning, the bars are very, very fine pieces of chocolate making. Highlights include their first ever Guatemala bar sourced from Cacao Verapaz, a Peruvian bar from the Norandino Co-Op and an amazing 100% bar that is shocking in its creaminess and complexity. We are hosting a debut tasting of all the French Broad bars on Monday Feb. 29th at Niagra Grocery at 7:30 pm. Space will be limited so please contact the grocery directly to secure a spot.

Palette de Bine
We introduced a few of the fabulous bars of Mont Tremblant's Christine Blais last fall to great response. She has been kind enough to send us her entire current line-up of eight single-origin bars for our spring collection. A comprehensive tasting of all eight will be scheduled very soon...

Ka Kow
the Chocolate Project introduced the lovely bars of the Rizek family, farmers and chocolatiers in the Dominican Republic last year and now they are back with their original, very elegant and spicy 70% bar plus a deeper, meatier 82% version.

A new shipment from Stephan arrives this week. Many of your favourites returning but pay close attention to the Peruvian Cusco and Piura Blanco bars – a new harvest of beans in both and even more depth and complexity than is past years.

Returning are the Brazil, Bali and Madagascar 75% bars plus some Bali Dark Milk, 100% Madagascar and Pink Peppercorn Madagascar. Last time these arrived we went through the entire shipment in one weekend.

Should be here by next weekend with more of the Ambajna Madagascar plus a new Dominican Republic bar sourced from the Zorzal Co-Op.

Chocolat Madagascar
Superb new line of bars produced in Madagascar by a French farmer/chocolatier. Interesting mix of cacao genetics on their farm gives added complexity to this very well made chocolate. Also a single-origin white bar which is very special – for those who swing that way.

Mast Brothers
Their full spring line is now back in stock including an interesting and delicious dark milk bar with crystallized maple syrup as the only sweetener. If you didn't get a chance to try their olive oil dark bar last fall, it is now back too as is their very meaty and smokey Papua New Guinea bar.

the legendary Bourbon Cask aged 82% Belize bar is back now. Paired with a tumbler of Woodford Reserve and perhaps a Montecristo No.2 while reclining late at night on the deck of a cruise ship in the Caribbean it is quite possible that one might become a bit weepy at the sheer beauty of it all.

New Maranon 76% and Hispaniola 68% bars from Bryan Graham and they are just stunning . Right now Bryan is managing to achieve a certain textural purity paired with clean flavour intensity that is very rare in the chocolate world.